About us

Our Story

D'MXCI represents a multifaceted brand that focuses on creative innovation and collaboration across several industries. The brand's current catalog encompasses Fashion, Literature, and Art. D'MXCI strives to utilize its influence in order to enlighten, empower, and inspire its supporters. These three primary principles are the foundation of creation for the brand. In effect, D'MXCI serves as a cultural leader designing projects that promote positive ideals and push our society forward.

The D’MXCI Logo is a representation of the founders Greek Ancestry. The Outer layer of the symbol (The DELTA or TRIANGLE) represents “D” which is a part of the Greek Alphabet. The inner layer of the symbol is also a “D”, except lower case. The shape of the lower case “d” on the inside also represents a musical note. So “en total” the symbol represents Greek heritage, the founder's’ name and musical background.

The D stands for Demetrius. The MXCI represents Meechie (The founder's Alias). The ’ combines the two.

Demetrius Idlett is a multi-faceted visionary and entrepreneur, The son of iconic super producer Timbaland and music industry executive Monique Idlett-Mosley, Demetrius has been influenced by the impact of his family's innovative and groundbreaking business ventures. 

Under the marquee D’MXCI he strives to consciously empower, enlighten and inspire.

“Creating is my passion. I find tremendous fulfillment in creating from inception to completion. The whole process is cathartic and renewing. It allows you to reconcile your thoughts and emotions, to fearlessly pour all of yourself into your craft. Fashion, Literature & Music is who I am”.